Weight Loss/Detox

When you are thinking of changing your lifestyle we suggest you always consult your doctor first. Particularly with regard to slimming detox issues.

Antioxidants and Green Tea Leaf Extract

We offer a range of products which focus on Slimming Detox issues. These include Acai Super Fruit Juice Oxy3 500ml and also Solgar Green Tea Leaf Extract. FMD Flor Essence Cleansing Herbal Tea Blend 500ml is also a product we suggest you consider.

Active Lifestyles

Pharma Nord BioAcitve LipoExit 60 Tablets help to promote a healthy metabolism. One Nutrition Organic Power Greens Capsules help to provide energy support. NHP Amino Support contains 8 amino acids.

Apple Cider Products

A simple way to take Apple Cider is in tablet form. Some people prefer to use the tablets rather than drinking Apple Cider. Our product, New Nordic Apple Cider 720mg 60 Tabs, is ideal for those people.