Horans Health Store Magazine March 2018 Edition


Online Health and Beauty Store Ireland

Welcome to Horan’s Online Health Store, 100% Irish Owned.  We began back in 1988 and have expanded to become an online health and beauty store Ireland oriented.  Our Online Health Store Ireland is a virtual store which is an addition to our 15 local stores.

We are based in the Munster area and currently have 15 Health Stores, so we can offer you a broad range of products and services in each and everyone of our stores. We stock a broad range of health supplements, from pro-biotics, omega oils, vitamins and minerals and much more. We have a monthly newsletter, which contains information, tips and advice, new products, and exclusively ours special offers for our customers to enjoy.


Online Health and Beauty Store

We have products for Women’s Health and also Children’s Health, Men’s Health and Sports.  Dental Care and Ailments are also catered for as well as slimming/detox.

Horan’s Irish Online Health Store – the Leading Online Health and Beauty Store Ireland has. Browse our extensive range of health and beauty products and supplements now!

Online Health Food Store Ireland

Our Online Health Food Store products can often be found in our stores. For those too busy to call in store, the option is here to purchase online. Our web site carries more than 1,000 items, many devoted to Health Food Store products, giving you a great selection to choose from!

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